Potentially Worse Worst Person Ever of the Day: In her latest video, infamous Poe’s law invoker TamTamPamela has raised the bar for religious extremists and religious extremism spoofers alike by thanking God for shaking Japan awake from the slumber of secularism.

Is she for real? The debate rages on. Either way: Not funny.

[thanks leah!]

Earlier: Worst Person Ever.

I projectile vomited in the first 30 seconds and had to stop the video to gather myself and clean my desk up. 

I. Just. Can’t. 

Additional win comment of the day:

I just spoke to god and he wants you to get back in the kitchen and STFU. 
"Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. "

Read your bible, slut.

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    What a troll.
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    I posted this earlier but I will never not reblog.
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    I hope she gets her skull bashed in by Little Slugger.
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    What depresses me the most is that she has a similar facial structure to Richard Dawkins.
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    look at this completely non-oppressed girl making judgement calls on those in a disaster this isn’t even unexpected on...
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    A loving, loving god…right. I’m sure they’re feeling the love. This is why I don’t follow organized religion or believe...
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    Bitch, you live in a country with Atheist too. You’ll die praying for a quake in your country. even if “God” do answer...
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    WHAT THE FUCK?????!!!!
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    I’m going to start praying that God picks up...house… literally picks it up
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    thedailywhat …笑 かわいそうな他のchristians.
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    Already posted on Facebook, therefore must reblog. Bitch you trippin’. Clearly I’m a more likely candidate for heaven...
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    SO LOVING HE KILLS THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ON A DAILY BASIS! Sounds like a really great guy worthy of praise, right? This...
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    What’s sad is that even if she isn’t serious, there are people who are.
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    videos like this amuse me. lol...days! seriously though, she has it twisted. her...
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    WTF is this chick serious?! im bout to slap a hoe!
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